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Citizen of eARTth 

Passport to Imagination! Declare yourself a Citizen of eARTth by making your own personalized I.D., then get your first traveler's stamp taking a Journey into Art in HiSAM’s galleries. Explore art through music, movement and storytelling. Join us at the Hawai'i State Art Museum on January 13th from 11am-3pm!

Special Thanks - Susan Hogan


A Universe of Islands Workshop

In the last Universe of Islands Workshop until next year (2018), we will be teaching zine creation and basic relief printmaking as part of the LHRC's First Annual Student Conference. Join us for thoughtful discussion on identity and nationality, and ways of expressing the self.

Special Thanks - Joy Enomoto


Co-founder Ira Villafranca featured on Honolulu Academy website!

Ira Villafranca has been tirelessly working on a mural at Spalding House for the Honolulu Academy of Art. Check out the article here!


A Universe of Islands Workshop

We will arrive once more to hand out passports from the Allied Islands of the Hawaiian Kingdom, this time at the Honolulu Museum of Art! We will be a featured workshop during Family Sunday's Won't You Be My Neighbor. Come on by to participate in this free workshop, and become our galactic neighbor of the future!

Special Thanks - Lauren May


A Universe of Islands Workshop and Pop-Up Show - Aupuni Place

Continuing our intergalactic journey in time and space, this free Workshop makes another appearance at Aupuni Place. Come and learn how to create a basic zine and stamps using relief printmaking. Alongside the workshop will be a popup show in space C featuring works by those who desire to explore the idea of voyaging and journey. Keiki welcome!

1050 Ala Moana Blvd
July 23rd, 12PM-4PM (show continues until the 31st)

Featured Artists:

  • Marysol A. Damo
  • Eric Cyganik Morgan
  • Julie Dillon
  • Vanessa Stefaniuk
  • Elizabeth Yeterian
  • Hinahina Gray

A Universe of Islands Workshop - CONTACT 3017

A Universe of Islands explores the idea of nationalities and borders when their existence is more nebulous than ever. Interact with other travelers as you craft your own passport in this printmaking workshop. Collect stamps of imagined explorers and settlers from the far future, and be a part of rethinking our place as we leave the world behind and return to the stars.

Special Thanks - Josh Tengan


Garbâge Pop-Up Show

Garbâge is a pop-up inspired by the waste of consumerism and wealth. Works featured critique abandoned and discarded objects and their owners either through depiction, metaphor, or direct use in the piece. Enjoy works in a care(ful/less)ly crafted faux-bourgeoisie atmosphere while rethinking your own waste and the pretension of pseudo-activism.

Special Thanks - Tommy Hite