Helumoa is an artist collective of locals who not only support each other and curate together, but also participate in group collaborations and community outreach. It found beginnings as the ACUHM (Art Club at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa) and grew into something with bigger purpose.

"Helumoa", translated to chickenscratch was the placename of rest for many royals in Waikīkī. At the place Kaʻauhelemoa - the supernatural rooster - scratched, Kākuhihewa planted coconuts which became the massive lush grounds known as the King's Grove. From those scratches came great beauty, relief, and sustenance for those around it.

Chickenscratch, at any age, is where the artistic process begins. Helumoa Studios seeks to uplift the kamaʻāina of Hawaiʻi by encouraging growth in the arts, teaching people accessible ways to flourish in the art community, and tending the garden of creativity no matter the age of participants. Chickenscratch is often where we find ourselves beginning.